Parksville Oceanside Pickleball Society

Check out the new schedule effective
September 26th – October 31, 2022 (weather permitting, of course 🙂 )

Club Play Returns Monday, May 16 @ 9:00 AM!

Club play will commence Monday, May 16 at 9:00 AM for members registered with POPS via Pickleball Canada website (link below). The first week will be social play. Visiting players will have to join POPS/PBC/PCO in order to play on our courts. Welcome back, everyone!

Registration for the 2022 Season is Now Open!

POPs has teamed up with Pickleball Canada to offer online registration. Click the JOIN button on the home page of the Pickleball Canada website and follow the prompts. Parksville Oceanside Pickleball Society is in the dropdown list of clubs. Note: We are not yet listed on the Club Finder page.

POPS Latest News from the President – August 27, 2021

New Pickleball Courts – No Federal Grant $

Keith Hosking and I were informed by Jamie Arden, Manager of Parks and Recreation Facilities, that the city of Parksville was not successful in obtaining the federal grant for upgrades to the community park, including refurbishing the existing pickleball courts.

Jamie is up to speed on the court refurbishing project and is working out budget details to determine how and when the pickleball project can be completed. There is a possibility that resurfacing the lacrosse courts into 9 north/south facing courts may be completed before the end of October 2021, with the remainder of the work being completed prior to the start of the 2022 season.

Keith and I continue to work with Jamie and he will provide us with an update next week. We also are planning to meet with the mayor as soon as we are able, following city council’s summer break.

Annual General Meeting 2021- Cancelled

It was the intention of the executive to hold an all members AGM at the beginning of the POPS season, however, beginning the new season of safe play was a priority, and with COVID uncertainty, we postponed the meeting to early September.

As that date nears, the executive has decided to cancel the 2021 AGM for several reasons:

  • COVID cases have risen recently and some restrictions have once again been implemented.
  • Holding the AGM at the beginning of the 2022 season may improve attendance as well as more input from POPS members.
  • The newly elected executive in 2022 will be able to focus on leading new work and hopefully without COVID restrictions.
  • The current executive will remain in place to complete their work with city for court refurbishing, planning the start up for the season, concluding year end requirements and planning the 2022 AGM.
  • POPS will be in compliance with, and remain in good standing with BC Societies.
  • Overall, we believe the transition from the current to a new executive will occur more smoothly and seamlessly with an AGM held at the beginning of the 2022 season.

Did you know in RALLY POINTS…

  • There are several hybrids to play rally points.
  • POPS has adopted a side out (loss of serve) with only one server per side.
  • Service begins on the right side of the court if the serving team has an even numbered score, and on the left, if the score is an uneven number.
  • The team that successfully ends a rally, whether serving or receiving, scores a point.
  • POPS has elected to end the game at 11 points.
  • POPS has adopted a sudden death win, by one point, in the case of a 10-10 tie!

Saturday Drills with Clara – Donations

The Saturday drills have been well attended and players have been highly engaged in the sessions throughout the hour. Clara has reinforced skills necessary for player improvement and her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm are evident and greatly appreciated.

Several members have made weekly donations beyond the $3 fee and others have asked how to make a donation at the end of the season. All the proceeds are being used for Cuban care packages. You can give an additional donation directly to Clara, or you may include it in the fee payment, or provide an envelope in the fee payment container that will be presented to Clara.

Thank you!

Thank you for your cooperation, for volunteering! Thank you, Executive for your time and leadership.

John Kuzbik (President, POPS)