Return to Play Protocol

POPS June 28, 2021

The following protocols will be in effect on June 28, 2021 and will evolve as the number of participants attending increase or decrease and the COVID protocols change. The play format has been developed to be COVID compliant and to provide equitable play throughout the session. Your cooperation will assist in a safe, satisfying and fun experience for all participants.

Location of Play

  • Parksville Community Park – Box Lacrosse Courts

Time of Play

  • Monday to Saturday
  • 8:30 am to 12:30 am

Arrival to the Courts – (Maintain social distancing)

  • No entry onto the courts until the designated time, 8:30.
  • Each participant must sign the register. 
  • The entry only gate is located next to the ball diamonds, the exit only gate is located nearest Corfield Road.
  • The player boxes are out of bounds.

Nets, Balls and Chairs

  • POPS nets and balls will be used during play. 
  • Each court will be provided with one ball, located in the ball holder.
  • Please bring your own chair, if you wish to rest sitting. The player boxes are not available for use.

Bikes, Bags and Waiting to Play – (Maintain social distancing)

  • Both side areas of the rink must be kept free of bikes.
  • Bike parking is available at the end (goal area) of the rink.
  • Backpacks may be placed along the fenced side areas designated for bag placement. 
  • While waiting to play, remain close to the wall distanced from the field of  play or in the rest area.

36 Only, Limited Participants 

  • Participants in the court area (rink) will be limited to 36, including the volunteers required to set up, take down and organize play.
  • After the 36 player limit is reached, members arriving to play will be required to wait outside and away from the box lacrosse courts entrance gate.
  • When the cap is reached, waiting players can sign in when a player leaves for the day.

Format for Play – (Social distancing is required when not playing) 

  • Location of Players
    • 24 players on 6 courts.
    • 6 players max in the winning line – place paddles behind the line and alongside the last paddle. 
    • 6 players max in the runner up line – place paddles behind the line and alongside the last paddle.
    • Move to resting area if you wish to be seated – bring your own chair.
    • While waiting, stand against the boards or in the rest area.
  • Following the completion of your game
    • Free court is called out, place the ball in the ball holder located at the net.
    • The winning pair will place their paddles behind and beside the last paddle in the winner line and the runner up pair will place their paddles behind and beside the last paddle in the runner up line.
  • If you arrive and all the courts are in use:
    • If a waiting line has not formed or a maximum of 6 has not been reached in the two waiting lines you may choose either line 
  • What line is “Next UP” when you are in the waiting line
    • The next up line holds the “next up” block
    • When a free court has been called, the first 4 players in the next up line will move to the open court.
    • The first person in the next up line will pass the “next up” block to the other line.  
  • If there are fewer than 4 players waiting in the next up line
    • Players from the court that declared their court is open may remain to complete the foursome– if the runner up line is next, runner up players will remain to play; likewise, if the winner line is next, winning players will remain to play
  • Choosing partners:
    • Mixing partners from your previous game is encouraged
    • On occasion, players may determine partners to achieve parity

Adaptations and Changes

  • These protocols will be adjusted throughout the pickleball season.  Some changes may be made quickly to address unanticipated problem areas.  Other changes may occur after several weeks of play within this format.